Hygge \\ The Best Kept Danish Secret to a Cozy Life

To understand why the Danish Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) lifestyle has become a phenomenon, we delved into it. Here's what we found and here's how to embrace it in your everyday. 

Hygge has been a central part of the Danish culture since the beginning of the 20th century. It is said that the word 'hygge' most likely comes from the North Germanic Language Old Norse word ”hyggja” used between the 9th and 13th century, meaning “to think” and in turn, originates from the word ”hugr” which in Scandinavian mythology refers to the mind, soul and consciousness.

Hygge, what?

If you were to ask a group of Danish people what hygge is to them, you would probably get a variety of responses. Hygge can be described as the atmosphere created when caring for the spiritual, mental and physical health. Nothing overly complicated, it is simply creating an atmosphere that is cozy whether at home or in your travels. For many, this includes warmth in the form of lighted candles, hot drinks, cozy surroundings and socializing with loved ones. However taking a walk out in nature on your own is considered hygge as well.

Hygge is that expression of things that make us feel good and isn’t limited to a particular season or circumstance. However, winter is the quintessence of coziness and comfort mainly because of the cold and lack of sunshine in Nordic countries during this time -it is when hygge is most desired and yearned for. But hygge is much more than just that. It’s a lifestyle that seeks to seize the small moments by practicing selfcare and showing appreciation for your surroundings. It is about living in the moment and making the most of it – Carpe Diem - Roman poet Horace said it best.

Hygge cozy setting


There is no place like home, and indeed no better place for some quality hyggelig time. Decorating your home with items that you love helps create the perfect atmosphere of harmony and relaxation. We've put together a list of Hygge essentials to inspire you.


It’s that soft glow that candles emit when darkness falls be the most brightening after a long day.  A simple and effective way to warm your surroundings with gentle light. 

Blanket and pillow overload 

Hygge is all about warmth and everything soft to the touch. Snuggly blankets and pillows in fabrics that best warm you is always the most comforting.

Being one with nature

Nature has a relaxing impact on both mind and soul. Decorating your home with natural objects such as newly picked twigs or flowers can bring your living space to life.

Warm drinks and bites
Sipping a soothing cup of tea, and grabbing a bite or making a home cooked meal in the company of your favourite people is the best excuse to stay indoors.

Me time
With a book in hand, in meditation or inner reflection, and an overdose of self-care through at-home spa pampering, nothing is more comforting.